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Tucson Gift Guide

I attended Cultivate Tucson this past weekend, and once again the event succeeded at reminding me that this seemingly small, Southern Arizona city is flooded with talented, local artisans – and they sell really pretty stuff. If you’re stumped on ideas for Christmas gifts, but like the idea of supporting Tucson makers, designers and businesses, check out this holiday gift guide I put together.

This includes presents for guys, gals, coworkers and in-laws. Oh, and if you’re related to me and reading this, act surprised on December 25th!

Businesses mentioned in this gift guide Bandito Vintage Barrio Bread Bon Boutique Classic Rock Couture Eco Gro Exo Roast Co. Fine Life Co. Generation Cool HF Coors Mabel's on 4th MAST Rosie's Barkét Time Market Tiny Town Gallery Wooden Tooth Records

What I’d get for my husband

Toast Tongs, because I can’t tell you how many times he’s yelped while trying to wrangle walnut bread from our toaster | Mabel’s on 4th, $2.98

This shirt/map of Tucson, because the only thing he loves more than maps (very convenient in foreign countries!) is Tucson | Tiny Town Gallery, $15

What I’d get my older sister

Pasta Flour from Hayden Flour Mills | available at Time Market, $8.50

Perfect Pasta Timer | Mabel’s on 4th, $6.98 So she can continue to make my stomach grumble with the delicious-looking (and I’m sure tasting) meals she cooks and uploads to Instagram.


What I’d get for my middle sister

Some pretty, simple jewelry because she’d never buy it for herself :) | Fine Life Co., $18–$130 (The earrings I'm wearing in the main image are from Fine Life Co., and I love 'em – and, yes, they were purchased at Cultivate.)

Everyday Oil, because it’s a fragrant, calming version of the argan oil we’re both obsessed with | Fine Life Co., $22

What I’d get for my niece and nephew

These knit bear and bunny hats, so Halloween comes every day | MAST, $32 each

Danny Martin’s Tucson Neon Coloring Book – so we can go on a scavenger hunt for their favorite drawings-come-to-life when they visit me | MAST, $15

What I’d get for my brother-in-law

A vintage WSU cap, because Washington State University apparel is the only apparel he wears | Generation Cool

We’ve watched The Two Escobars at least five times together, so this ’94 World Cup polo would also be appropriate if I wasn’t positive he’d never wear it | Generation Cool, $30

World Cup
World Cup

What I’d get for my mother

This washed cashmere shawl because she’ll never forgive me for losing her cashmere scarf when I was in high school | Bon Boutique, $195

Washed Cashmere
Washed Cashmere

What I’d get for my father

An old-school Denver Broncos shirt, to add to his statement sweatshirt from when John Elway was a teen | Generation Cool

Every Rolling Stones record ever made, even though he probably owns them all already |Wooden Tooth Records

What I’d get for my in-laws

This pretty planter for them to practice their excellent green thumbs on (which, luckily, my husband inherited) | Fine Life Co., $36

A fun succulent – or maybe even a plant that’s easier to kill, since they won’t | Eco Gro


What I’d get for my way-cooler-than-me best friend

These Middle Eastern pom pom slippers because they’re in her size (ugh, lucky!) and she could pull them off | Bandito Vintage, $28

A Cactus Cadillac halter top, again, because she’s the only person I know who could pull it off | Classic Rock Couture, $34

What I’d get for the holiday hostess

Olive oil dipping dish | HF Coors, $25

A loaf of Heritage WheatBarrio Bread, $6 For the night of or the morning after.

What I’d get for a coworker

A brass coffee scoop, for fancy meets filter | Fine Life Co., $24

A 12-oz. bag of Tucson’s best coffee beans | Exo Roast Co., $15.50

Brass Coffee
Brass Coffee

What I’d get for my dog

A braided hoop dog treat, even though it would mean that she would proceed to ignore me and munch on it for hours after she received it | Rosie’s Barkét, $8

Any businesses I forgot to include? What Tucson goodies did you buy for others – or yourself – this year?