Food, TucsonIvy Morris

Review of TallBoys

Food, TucsonIvy Morris
Review of TallBoys

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. TallBoys, a breakfast (af) and lunch spot, opened mere blocks from my house.

The menu is filled with bites that taste better at 2am post-drinks and the next morning (TallBoy Tots, BAT-LEG), and fun twists on favorites, like goat cheese, lox, egg, and balsamic-topped toast.

I had gone out the night before, so the TallBoy Tots called my name. They're incredible. One of the best breakfast/brunch items in the entire city of Tucson. And I believe this statement holds true even if I hadn't had drinks the night before.

The tots come in a bowl, layered with a creamy pesto, crunchy tots, gooey cheese, roasted and diced green chiles, bacon, a spicy chipotle crema, runny eggs, and a side of perfectly ripe avocado. A literal mouthful but ridiculously tasty. Rob couldn't resist stealing a few bites.

Rob got the huevos rancheros, which I'll let him describe:

The corn tortillas were like a Mexican pancake, but not sweet—they were thick. You'd cut into them and the egg at the same time, and the yolk would run over and mix with the salsa. Then, you realized there was a layer of beans and potatoes and cheese underneath. It was a messy plate, but very good. 

Thanks, Rob!

The interior is homey and hip—peach pink walls with a sage ceiling and borders, ocean blue leather booths and bar stools, and an exposed brick accent wall with liquor bottles on open shelving. Sounds like a lot, but it doesn't feel like it.

Fair warning: There's no air conditioning, so you'll feel a little sticky.

TallBoys' entire vibe feels like Tucson. I love living in this city so much, so I'm happy to write positively about this new restaurant. Like I said...I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

The hours for TallBoys are 9am–2am, every day. Here's their Facebook page/current website. The address for TallBoys is 600 N. 4th Ave., 85705.