Arizona Travels
Arizona Travels

Discover a state of play

From the border of Mexico to Monument Valley. From cities with populations in the millions to cities with merely tumbleweeds.

Arizona is truly a land worthy of discovery. I love to write about it, and I love to share its magic.

That’s why I’m launching Arizona Travelers, an event organization that takes you to cities across the state, and plans truly authentic Grand Canyon State experiences.

Each month brings something new. Think: A behind-the-scenes look at how Whiskey del Bac is made (plus a bottle for you to take home). A guided hike through Sabino Canyon – yes, including wading through Sabino Creek. A cheese and wine pairing featuring Arizona wine region-grown bottles.

Plus, our exclusive Arizona Travelers newsletter, which includes recipes from the state’s best restaurants, interviews with Arizona icons and events to check out (when you’re not spending the weekend on an Arizona Travelers adventure, of course!).

We welcome explorers from all age groups, genders and beliefs. Meet new people with a united spirit of wanderlust!

Join us to see all the state has to offer. This land was made for you and me.


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